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5 Diy Tips To Ensure Your Home Is Warm And Energy Efficient

Minimal utility bills and the comfort offered by a warm, energy-efficient home during the cold winter months does not seem too difficult. Here are five do-it-yourself pointers that will help you accomplish this.

1. Weather-strip your homes doors and windows to prevent the cold air from coming inside. The cold air can infiltrate your home because of leaky windows and doors. You dont want to end up with a cold room if you dont address this issue right away.

2. Adjust your ceiling fan and ensure that it rotates in a clockwise direction. It is a no-brainer that warm air goes up. During winter, you can secure that the warm air stays below and provide more heat inside your room by setting your ceiling fan to rotate slowly in a clockwise direction.

3. Put some area rugs on your tile or hardwood flooring. If your floor does not have adequate insulation, it is accountable for 10% of the heat loss you experience daily. One of the perfect remedies to this problem is putting area rugs in place since it acts as a good insulator and blocks the cold air from penetrating your room.

4. Program your units thermostat at a lower temperature when no one is around or when all of you are asleep. You have the guarantee of a gradual heat loss if the temperature inside your home is at a lower level. Youll also have more energy savings, and allow you to spend your money on more important things rather than on wasted energy. Set your homes thermostat to keep up with your daily itinerary. For instance, spare yourself from wasting both energy and money by warming up an unoccupied home.

5. Relocate your furniture. Never place your furniture before a big window or adjacent to exterior walls. The succeeding body heat loss directed to the glass will leave you feeling cold. Another bad concept is setting your sofa or couch before a radiator. It will end up absorbing the heat and limiting the available warmth that can still circulate inside your home.

These five tips are considered swift, easy remedies to urgent problems. But there is a big possibility that you are having major issues in your home if certain problems persist. A licensed Edmonton contractor can conduct energy audits to determine where the problem is coming from, and offer you several affordable options on how to address these issues. They can also give you advice on how to prevent them from happening again.


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