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All About Timber Decking

Timber decking is low cost and easy to install. It can add some practicality and elegance to underutilized or tired looking garden space. What you need to do is follow a few simple instructions and you will create a practical, cheap, timeless and decking area for the entire family.

Many of the timber decking kits online are easy to construct, and you can do it by yourself. Even though the timber used for timber decks are of high quality, you have to expect it to swell and contract just like any other wood depending on the seasons and the weather patterns.

Therefore, it is crucial to allow the timber to acclimatize for about seven days before using them. This will help the deck boards adjust to the environmental conditions. It may be a good idea to keep the boards as close as possible to the installation site.

Make sure the boards do not come into contact with the ground and use tarpaulin or a plastic sheet to protect them from rainwater. Lay the timber boards loosely on top of the joist framework before screwing it. The decking boards should also be pre-drilled before you insert the screws. This will help make the fixing process easier and also reduce the risks of splitting deck boards.

To prevent any weeds or turf from growing, you need to lay a weed control membrane. The last thing you want to see is weeds growing up through your timber deck. If rain is unlikely to drain freely in any part of the deck, it is a good idea to lay about 1 inch of pea shingle.

All of the timbers both the deck boards and joist need to be protected using high-quality decking stain and preserver. You can also use decking oil on the sawn end sections of the timber.

If the deck is to be raised, it is wise to use raised posts to hold the decking subframe in the air. The support posts should not be more than 3 meters apart and the regular 2 inch by 4-inch joists should be supported by 2 inches by 6-inch timbers.

To make the area underneath the deck free draining, lay down boards along the gradient and not against it. Metal spikes or metal post anchors can be used to fix the raised decking support timbers. The post anchors have bolted down shoes into which the vertical support timbers are inserted.


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