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Approximate Cost Of A Home Extension

A home extension can be very costly, in the thousands of dollars, but will add value to your home when you put it up for sale.

Despite the uncertainty of the economy due to Brexit, many homeowners are building additions to their homes instead of purchasing new homes altogether. A home addition can be an added bedroom, a new bathroom, a larger living room, a larger kitchen, a family room, or a study or office. A home addition can be constructed by a contractor or it can be a do it yourself project, should you wish to perform all of that work on your own. The approximate cost of a home addition can range anywhere from £1,500-£150,000. The lowest price range covers a small bathroom and the largest price range covers the addition of a second floor.

New Bathroom Addition

If you think you need another bathroom in your home because of the size of your family then the pricing here will help you understand what is at stake. To add a bathroom you will need to spend anywhere from £3,000-£6,000 all the way up to £10,000 or more if your contractor needs to add floor space. A do-it-yourself bathroom addition can cost you roughly £1,500-£5,000, depending on the size, fixtures, and other features. You'll also need to weld, so you'll need a MIG which is included in the price estimate.

New Bedroom Addition

If you wish to add a new bedroom to your home using a contractor it can cost you anywhere from £7,500-£35,000. However, if you decide this is a do it yourself project, you can spend anywhere from £200-£5,000. This price estimate includes light fixtures, carpet, furniture, the construction of the bedroom, and the price for the contractor.

New Family Room Addition

Is it time to add a new family room to your home? If so, the price range will cost anywhere from £7,500-£25,000 if you hire a contractor and £200-£5,000 if the project becomes a do-it-yourself adventure. A new family room can give your family more space to watch television, read a book, play video games, host parties, and much more. The project could cost up to £100,000 with a contractor should you need to add a new room to the home for the family room addition because of a new concrete foundation, the framing, and windows.

Second Floor Addition

Does your rancher home need a second floor because your family has grown too large for the current building? If so, prices can cost anywhere from £225,000-£400,000. At this price you might just want to purchase a brand new home with two stories. The contractor will need to add roughly 1,500 square feet if you want a normal second floor with two or more bedrooms and a bathroom. The construction and the price might turn you off from the beginning, which could lead you to test the real estate market.

Always keep in mind, however, that the approximate cost of a home addition can vary depending on the market you live in. Before beginning any remodeling project, it is wise to first meet with potential builders to determine the the average cost of home addition projects in your area.


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