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Features Of The Best Garden Knee Pads

Most people who take up gardening as a hobby may think that the most essential gardening tools are those that you use to tend to your plants actively. On the contrary though, some of the most important tools that you could have in your arsenal are actually those that you wear to protect your body.

For instance, gardening gloves and knee pads can protect you from getting cut or injured during your prolonged gardening tasks. Likewise, these tools can provide you with added comfort and help increase the satisfaction and enjoyment that you get from your hobby.

If you are suitably dressed for gardening, it will be much easier for you to kneel down for hours without feeling pain. In fact, as long as you are equipped with the best garden knee pads and other protective gear, you will be able to accomplish much more than you normally would in an unprotected state. To help you complete your gardening gear, listed below are a few other features that you should look for in your gardening knee pads.

Secure Straps

The primary reason why you would want and need to buy a pair of knee pads is to provide you with a more comfortable gardening experience. The best way to accomplish that goal is to find a pair that you can wear and not worry about for the rest of the day. Although you could also opt to buy a kneeler or cushion that you can kneel on for longer periods while tending to your garden, knee pads are easier to work with since you can wear them on your body; thus, there is a low possibility that you will misplace them.


Not all straps are created equal and some are more flexible than the others. It is important to look for a pair of knee pads, which provide you with both function and flexibility. If the straps fasten too tightly, they could either cut off the blood circulation from your legs or leave nasty marks or even rashes behind your knees.

The best pads are those that are made from a thick neoprene material that is able to provide both a secure hold and unbeatable comfort. They are soft and flexible enough to hold their position even if you continuously move from one place to another.

Machine Washable

Undoubtedly, your knee pads will be exposed to great amount of grime and dirt; therefore, is it best to look for a pair that you can just toss into the washing machine after each use. In this case, a pair that is composed of water resistant or neoprene materials will be your best bet since they can handle a light rinse cycle without losing their shape. Available online at

Non-slip Surface Area

Aside from having low quality straps, another reason why your knee pads slip down every few minutes is the heavy shell or inner cushion. It is best to find balance between a well-cushioned insole and a lightweight outer shell to lessen the chances of slipping.

Similarly, if you know that you will be working on a lot of wet and slippery surfaces, it is best to go for a pair with a non-slip surface. This will ensure that you will be able to maintain balance as you alternately stand and kneel on wet concrete sidewalks or muddy lawns. It also lessens your chances of suffering from a pulled muscle since you will not have to worry about having your knee pads suddenly slide away from underneath you.


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