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Proper Air Conditioning Sizing For Your Home

For homeowners in Mansfield, Connecticut, there is nothing worse than lying awake in your bed on a summer night because it is way too hot to get comfortable enough to sleep. After a few nights of this you realize that it is way past time to get some badly needed air conditioning in your house so you can cope better during the hot summer. But before you race to the phone to call Adam McKenzie at Fenton River Heating and Plumbing, you should have a good idea of what to look for in terms of air conditioner size for the type of cooling task that you want done. Here are some general guidelines for both room and central air conditioner sizing.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Sure a big air conditioner will cool your room faster but it may be much more than is required and cost you more money initially and more money to use. A unit that is too small has its drawbacks too as it may not cool the room sufficiently or be overworked in the process. These are the reasons that proper air conditioner sizing is important. Before making your air conditioner purchase it is wise to determine what rooms in your house you want it to cool and then the approximate total square footage of those rooms or room (For a square or rectangular room,Length x Width = Area). So air conditioner sizing is very important when it comes to not overspending initially and not having to pay too much over time to run the air conditioning.

Window Air Conditioners

When determining window air conditioner sizing it is important to note that most of these types of units are best for cooling individual areas as opposed to large areas or an entire house; they are very inefficient and expensive to run when taking on larger cooling tasks.

Here are some suggestions for BTU sizing for appropriate square footages:

- 100 up to 150 square feet to be cooled requires 5,000 air condituer BRUs

- 150 up to 250 SQ FT = 6,000 BTU

- 250 up to 300 SQ FT = 7,000 BTU

- 300 up to 350 SQ FT = 8,000 BTU

- 350 up to 400 SQ FT = 9,000 BTU

- 400 up to 450 SQ FT = 10,000 BTU

- 450 up to 550 SQ FT = 12,000 BTU

- 550 up to 700 SQ FT = 14,000 BTU

- 700 up to 1,000 SQ FT = 18,000 BTU

- 1,000 up to 1,200 SQ FT = 21,000 BTU

- 1,200 up to 1,400 SQ FT = 23,000 BTU

- 1,400 up to 1,500 SQ FT = 24,000 BTU

- 1,500 up to 2,000 SQ FT = 30,000 BTU

- 2,000 up to 2,500 SQ FT = 34,000 BTU

Central Air Conditioner Sizing

As was mentioned, you really dont want to use window air conditioners to cool your whole house or you will be wasting money in most instances. A central cooling system is definitely the way to go here; they are cost effective to run and will pay for their large initial cost in only a short time.

Central air conditioner sizing is best left to being done with the help of a professional HVAC company. They have to factor in such things as the humidity of your house, proper air flow and other factors that will determine the comfort level the central air unit will need to provide.

Dont Suffer Needlessly

No matter what system you choose, you will be much better off with it and the cost will be minimal when compared to what your daily comfort and ability to sleep at night is worth.


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