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Tips for Landscape Design

Landscape design can be an overwhelming task for the person who wants to have a beautiful garden yet does not have an idea on how to achieve that lush garden look. Small steps matter and, like anything else, designing a garden takes planning. Here are some steps that may help a person get that beautiful garden.

The first step is making a list of wants and needs. Does the person need an entertainment patio? Does the person want a play area for children? The fledgling designer needs to look over what is essential and take off the unnecessary items from the list. What is left on the list, the designer goes off from there.

In landscape design, one should study the wind and sun patterns. The garden design should consider what the wind and sun do at various times during the day and throughout the year. It is also good to work around a focal point. For beginners and more experienced designers, some statuary or even a tree can be an excellent starting point for one's garden to radiate from.

For beginners, the trickiest garden design principle is focusing on pacing and scale. Following such principle can give the yard an organized look. There will be variations in color, shape, and size. Tall plants can be set against flowerbeds or along footpaths.

Landscape design is an enjoyable activity that may produce unexpected results. It's not like building a house or designing interiors, wherein a designer can achieve the look just by laying it out on paper. While designing landscapes is easy, the tricky part are the growth of the plants. A designer may envision a round shrub, but may end up with a tall and thin shrub.

If the results are not achieved initially, all one has to do is to be patient and live with the plants for a while. Eventually, those wayward plants may develop into beautiful shrubbery that may gain the appreciation of the homeowner and his or her guests.

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