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Top 6 Questions Your Estate Agent In Bristol And Bath Should Be Asking You

Bath and Bristol are two well-known cities in the United Kingdom. Bath in Somerset is known for its ancient Roman baths (hence the name) that are rumored to have curative properties. First known by the Latin name Aquae Sulis, many people traveled far and wide to bathe in the baths, making the city a popular spa for the young and old. Today, it still remains one of the United Kingdoms most popular tourist destinations.

Bristol, on the other hand, is famous for its Roman villas and iron forts, and was used as a port city in the earlier years of exploration. It was also recently named by The Sunday Times one of the best cities in Britain to reside in.

Because of the popularity of the two cities and their picturesque structures, many people actually want to sell their homes there as either vacation houses or permanent residences. Real estate agents in both cities are constantly kept busy with managing properties and finding potential buyers.

However, before a property can be put on sale, some real estate agents may ask several questions regarding it. After all, in a popular city, the property owner must have their own reasons to sell. The questions that real estate agents could ask are:

1. Why are you selling it?

This question may seem to have an obvious answer to most people, but a person may never know. The property owner could be moving to another city or country or they are selling it as a vacation home to tourists. The agent needs the reason so that he knows who to approach about buying the property.

2. What was it that struck you when you first bought the property?

It seems like an odd question but maybe what first struck the property owner could actually also strike the next buyer. The real estate agent could use this to his advantage.

3. What kind of alternations have been made to the property?

This is important in determining the value of the property. If the property owner has renovated or made any other aesthetic changes, then the value of the property could increase.

4. What did you like about living on the property?

It seems like a very personal question, but like the question about what struck the property owner when they first bought the property, its important for the real estate agent to gain as much information about the property as possible.

5. Does the property need any other alterations?

If the property owner does not have time to fix any problems regarding the property, he should inform the real estate agent immediately.

6. Do you need help moving?

This is to ease the concerns about leaving the property in the hands of the estate agent company like Howce Estate Agents and the agent. Getting help is practically essential if the property owner is having a difficult time relocating.


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