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Top Reasons For Choosing Free Real Estate Classified Ads Over Agents

Both the buyer and the seller benefit financially when free real estate classified ads are utilized instead of real estate agents. For one, there is no third party to share the profits with in case the deal pushes through. Second, there is no expense taken from one√Ęs own pocket for the printing or posting of the ads. They are free of any charges. Plus, they are simple to make so there is no need to hire a proofreader or designer to do the job. Last, there is zero overhead expense with real estate classified ads. It is unnecessary to hire anybody to monitor and update the ads.

Aside from financial gains, there are five more points to ponder on choosing free classified advertising (whether print or online) over realtors or agents.

1. It saves a lot of time. Classified ads, which in Spain are called clasificados gratis, do not require a lot of time to design, submit, update or remove. In a couple of minutes, one can create a basic ad where all the vital details needed are put in place. For more complex ads, the advertising company usually provides assistance for free or minimal fee.

Updates, renewal and removal of the real estate ads can also be arranged ahead of time. What is more, it could be done via phone call, email or other services available.

Having agents, on the other hand, would require plenty of time for planning, meeting, communicating, coordinating and training. In fact, selection of the agents alone can take several days already.

2. It has a wider reach. Realtors or agents cannot be in two places at one time. In short, they cannot attend to two clients on different locations, thereby possibly missing an opportunity to transact business with a potential buyer. Real estate classified ads, on the other hand, can reach hundreds or even thousands of potential clients, all at the same time. In addition, the specific areas to reach can be manipulated to target the right demographic.

3. Easy access. Clients can cut off the piece of paper or search online for the ads if they need it. They can immediately contact the buyer or seller of the real estate property and set an appointment with him.

Unlike with agents, not everyone will have an access to their contact numbers. Plus, even if they are able to contact a particular agent, a lot of time will pass before actual transaction of the business can take place. There are many considerations to take, like the convenient time of both the agent and the client. There is a higher risk of transactions being cancelled because of this.

4. It prevents misunderstanding and other troubles. With the use of classified ads, the person has only himself to deal with. Therefore, there is no possibility of any misunderstanding that can take place.

The same cannot be said when dealing with agents. As there are different personalities and levels of understanding, it is expected that conflicts might take place anytime. It could be between the buyer or the agent, or agent to agent, or agent to seller. The more people are involved, the greater the chance of conflicts taking place.

One of the common issues with agents deals with money. As this is a sensitive issue, it can create a lot of hassles for the buyer or seller. This is definitely something that will not be encountered with classified ads.

5. It is low maintenance. One does not need to monitor the ads or hire anybody to design or update them. Both online and printed ads are removed automatically by the system when the agreed time has passed. Most transactions with the advertising companies are completed through phone calls or emails only.

With all these benefits, free classified ads are the wiser choice for real estate advertising.


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