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Looking For A New Home? Three Things You Need To Know

Home is where the heart is, so when house hunting, you should simply pick the one that most appeals to you, right? Wrong. Finding the perfect home isnt the same as designing your dream house; there are a lot of external factors you should consider and sometimes, your preferences just dont coincide with what you actually need.

Add this to the fact that all your friends, who really dont know too much about real estate, will be giving you a huge amount of advice, most incorrect. You might be thinking now that its impossible to pick the best home for your family, right? Wrong again. It can be done. Start by keeping these three things in mind:

Its not just about the house.

Yes, you will inhabit it for most of your life, but you wont always be inside of it. Inspect the neighborhood not just the internal and external aspects of your future home. Ask your real estate agent about crime reports in the area, and read the local newspapers to get an idea of what to expect from the neighborhood and the town in general. More great tips here.

Learn the normal commuting routes the locals take, to see if you drive to work is going to be arduous or simple. See if essential stores and facilities, like a hospital, school, grocery store, and police station, are easy to access.

A sign that youre living in a good neighborhood is if you see children around. This generally means the area is thought of as safe. Also find out how the children get to school and see if it is safe for them to go unsupervised. Look at the neighborhood and see if the people maintain their yards and their houses. This is a great indicator of their commitment to the community and whether or not you will have to constantly worry about living near them.

The house should be beautiful.

This might seem like a subjective line of thinking and isnt something anybody can give you tips on, but you should know that most people equate beautiful with expensive-looking. This is not what beautiful is. Remember the adage, Not everything that glitters is gold? You should find the house beautiful because your decision is most important.

Inspect the house thoroughly. See if you can live with the floor plan, and try the walkways that lead outside to see if they are practical and guard against thieves. Also make your first approach to enter the house a critical one; the entrance speaks so much about the abode.

You have to be practical.

Who doesnt want a huge house, with a large yard and with enough rooms to satisfy a large family and your numerous guests? The answer: the practical house hunter. Sure, you might be thinking that getting a big home is a once in a lifetime chance, you can afford it if you cut a few things, so you should get it while you still have the chance. However, you need to consider the cost of heating and maintaining the areas you wont use and the additional costs such as property taxes and upkeep.

Also, it needs to work for the entire family. Is it kid friendly? Will you still be able to live here as you age? After the kids move out you may wonder why youre paying such a large mortgage when youre experiencing so little space. In the end, it boils down to several questions. Can you afford it in the long run? Will you still want such a big house in 15 years? Will the resell value make it worth the investment?

Buying a house is literally a big deal. Dont rush into making decision without all the facts and ensuring you truly love the house, the neighborhood and have looked at the details. Happy hunting and good luck.

Constructing A Beautiful And Light-filled Home

A home along the countryside would certainly look better by taking in more natural light. The brighter it is inside, the more a dwelling seemingly blends into its surroundings. Visitors would come in and marvel at the view from the big windows. That was exactly the kind of house envisioned by Gary and Julie Chivers, as they went through and successfully completed their self-build project.

The Chivers had purchased a 4.5-acre plot near the Mendip Hills of Somerset, an official area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB). The picturesque rural environment makes it perfect for walking dogs, which Julie says the couple had been doing there many years back. The size of the land provided them with much more room than the average plot squeezed between houses at a suburb.

As for the project, it was headed by chief architect Mick O'Connor together with specialists Squirrel Design, who were all chosen by the Chivers. Somerton Windows was brought along to handle the glazing. The house was built primarily with timber frame and stone walls. Although the existing property had to be demolished, the old stone was utilised for cladding, as such a style would go in line with the vernacular of Somerset.

Since they moved in, the Chivers have been entertaining more guests than before. They apparently would gaze endlessly at the postcard-like view enabled by the large area of glass on each floor. Glass also forms the convenient sliding units located in the different rooms. Overall, the extensive glazing is what makes the house special. Seeing the landscape throughout the day during different seasons is the perk of living or visiting here. 'We get wonderful skies from this spot, especially at dusk, with the sun setting straight out across the Bristol Channel,' says Julie.

Have plans on building a home near a gorgeous area like The Mendips? Taking cue from the Chivers' self-build would be a great way to start. As a matter of fact, we'd suggest referring to the design of their house along with installing one additional feature an air powered lift. We're not talking about the traditional cable-and-pulley elevator. This kind of lift is made of a partially airtight cylinder, inside of which ascends or descends a self-contained cabin. It comes in multiple sizes, good for at most three individuals or one wheelchair user. It doesn't just transport passengers to the different floors. It allows them to take advantage of the 360-degree view from inside the tube. It makes a stunning decoration that also happens to provide a more convenient way of going up and down.

One of these panoramic lifts would go perfectly with a light-filled home, as no light gets obscured with it in place. Your house wouldn't become darker or drab but rather, it would look even more attractive. There's quite an aesthetic appeal to these air powered lifts, as their innovative design complements the existing glass windows and natural surroundings present. And let's not forget they're both energy efficient and easy to maintain as well! All the more reason to have one of these lifts.

Transform Your Time In The Garden With Artificial Grass

When it comes to gardens, we all want one and we all want them to look photo-ready, respectable and full of our favourite things. You might like water features, a range of flowers, garden ornaments or all of the above but without a little hard work and elbow grease, your garden can soon become unmanageable and a chore that you procrastinate over instead of finding joy in.

Gardening is very rewarding, but it also requires time, patience and at the very least a basic knowledge of plants and flowers to ensure they look their best for as long as possible. Knowing when to plant your seeds, when to feed and most importantly of all, when they bloom is essential to ensuring your garden look great all year round.

If theres one thing we are all strapped for these days, its time. Working a full-time job, running a household, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, socialising and ensuring your family are well looked after all add to the things that we have to be before we get round to doing the things we want to do.

So, how can you make life easier for yourself? Make your garden as hassle free as possible with artificial grass. Investing in a new garden in this way is investing in your own quality time. Not only is a fake lawn a low maintenance way of ensuring your garden looks good all year round, but it is also aesthetically pleasing to look at, too.

Say goodbye to mowing the lawn, say goodbye to weeding the grass and say goodbye to all those muddy footprints the kids and pets track through the house. Not only does it save you time, but it saves your sanity, too!

There are many other ways that you can reduce the amount of time needed to maintain your garden and ensure you have more time to enjoy it. We have listed a few of them, here:

  • Use weed killer in your borders and add slate or gravel edging for a contemporary look that requires next to no maintenance
  • Add planters and potted plants for splashes of colour and flora that are easy to maintain
  • Invest in perennials that dont need replacing every few months
  • Opt for a minimalist design for your garden not only will it look flawless, but it will be much easier to maintain
  • Invest in a water feature that can act as focal point for guests and visitors
  • Hanging baskets are another great way of adding colour and interest without much maintenance required
  • Hanging baskets are especially good for smaller gardens where space is limited
  • With just a few easy steps followed, you will soon have the garden you always dreamed about with next to no effort required to keep it looking in tip-top shape.