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Looking For Top Quality Outdoor Décor.

Since 1941, Whitehall Products has been crafting fine home accents. Products are hand crafted from rust-free recycled aluminum in Whitehalls manufacturing facilities located in Western Michigan. Renowned as the worlds largest manufacturer of weathervanes, Whitehall is also recognized for its extensive line of personalized home house address plaques, mailboxes, and garden accents such as hose holders, birdbaths, birdfeeders and sundials. Whitehalls home accent collection includes unique indoor/outdoor clocks and thermometers and personalized doormats.

Behind the legend of Whitehall artistry lies the tale of a unique craft inspired by the majestic shores and woodlands of western Michigan. It was a master wood carvers desire to reproduce and preserve his hand carved wood sculpture in metal, depicting the grace and essence of Americas natural beauty. Over 75 years later, Whitehall Products still offers you the same mastery in detail with each originally designed, carved and hand cast product.

A world-class design staff is the driving force behind Whitehalls product development expertise. Each custom product begins with an artists rendering, specially designed to achieve the aesthetic detail through the manufacturing and finishing processes. The rendering is then transformed into an original pattern, often through the work of hand carving and model making. The finished detailed pattern is the key to producing the high quality permanent plate which is used to manufacture thousands of replicas of the original design.

Whitehalls leadership in the Home & Garden accent market assures that you are receiving the most current product designs and color trends. We research the marketplace and track the latest design trends including the most popular themes within each product category.

From manufacturing to fulfillment, Whitehall is a full service supplier. Each product is protected with a heat sealed plastic film and then packaged. Orders can be fulfilled from full truck loads to individually boxed drop shipments. Whitehalls state-of-the-art computer systems continuously provide information about orders as they are being produced, and track the status of orders once they are shipped.

The only way you can purchase fine home accents is thru their dealers. Be sure to use only their Premier Dealers. There are only about five Premier Dealers. We found to be the best premier dealer with the best prices. Also when you ask Whitehall Products where you can purchase their items, the first place they recommend is They also offer volume discounts on all their products. See for yourself today.

An Overview Of Home Improvements - Plastering

When it comes to improving your home, there is always going to be a few different places that you can start. However, one of the easiest ways to upgrade old walls, change things around, and make everything look new is to do new plastering. This is because plastering and then finishing over a surface makes it look new, gives a better surface for paint, and can allow you to add new insulation or upgrade electrical, etc. It is one of the places where you can add in all sorts of other repairs, but where you can also keep costs down. Follow our advice about plastering and you will have done a great job.

The first step in the plastering process is to prepare the area that is being worked on. This usually means that you would knock down old walls, put up drywall, make sure all plumbing or electrical work was done, and generally make sure that the area is ready to be sealed off. This can usually be done by the company that is doing the plastering work, or you can do it if you are doing it by yourself. The area being worked out can be big or small, but most people prefer to work on a whole wall, just to make painting a bit easier.

The next step is to seal everything in place with a small amount of plaster. This means any holes, marks and so on, will be covered. This is where drywall starts to look less like random slabs and more like an entire wall. This step will often involve sanding down the first layer as well, making sure that everything is perfectly smooth.

Now the area is ready to actually apply the plaster. Depending on the finish desired, there may be more than one level. The first level of plaster will be smoothed onto the wall, levelling it out, making sure that the drywall and everything behind it can't be seen. After this, if a raised finish or something similar is desired, another layer of plaster may be added.

Sometimes a small hole will have the area around it patched, re-plastered, and then smoothed with the rest of the wall as well. This is a bit more complicated than doing an entire wall, but it does take less time and can be much cheaper for people who don't want to replace an entire area.

Once the plaster has been laid, it is time to let it cure and finish drying. Don't touch it during this time, don't get it wet. You could try and use fans or a dehumidifier if you live in a really wet area. Also try and keep all dust and debris off of the plaster.

Finally, the plaster is done and ready to be painted or papered. At this stage, the entire area can be primed for painting or sealing and then the room can be finished. The process may seem complicated, but it usually takes less than a day from start to finish, much less time than the actual painting process.