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Approximate Cost Of A Home Extension

A home extension can be very costly, in the thousands of dollars, but will add value to your home when you put it up for sale.

Despite the uncertainty of the economy due to Brexit, many homeowners are building additions to their homes instead of purchasing new homes altogether. A home addition can be an added bedroom, a new bathroom, a larger living room, a larger kitchen, a family room, or a study or office. A home addition can be constructed by a contractor or it can be a do it yourself project, should you wish to perform all of that work on your own. The approximate cost of a home addition can range anywhere from £1,500-£150,000. The lowest price range covers a small bathroom and the largest price range covers the addition of a second floor.

New Bathroom Addition

If you think you need another bathroom in your home because of the size of your family then the pricing here will help you understand what is at stake. To add a bathroom you will need to spend anywhere from £3,000-£6,000 all the way up to £10,000 or more if your contractor needs to add floor space. A do-it-yourself bathroom addition can cost you roughly £1,500-£5,000, depending on the size, fixtures, and other features. You'll also need to weld, so you'll need a MIG which is included in the price estimate.

New Bedroom Addition

If you wish to add a new bedroom to your home using a contractor it can cost you anywhere from £7,500-£35,000. However, if you decide this is a do it yourself project, you can spend anywhere from £200-£5,000. This price estimate includes light fixtures, carpet, furniture, the construction of the bedroom, and the price for the contractor.

New Family Room Addition

Is it time to add a new family room to your home? If so, the price range will cost anywhere from £7,500-£25,000 if you hire a contractor and £200-£5,000 if the project becomes a do-it-yourself adventure. A new family room can give your family more space to watch television, read a book, play video games, host parties, and much more. The project could cost up to £100,000 with a contractor should you need to add a new room to the home for the family room addition because of a new concrete foundation, the framing, and windows.

Second Floor Addition

Does your rancher home need a second floor because your family has grown too large for the current building? If so, prices can cost anywhere from £225,000-£400,000. At this price you might just want to purchase a brand new home with two stories. The contractor will need to add roughly 1,500 square feet if you want a normal second floor with two or more bedrooms and a bathroom. The construction and the price might turn you off from the beginning, which could lead you to test the real estate market.

Always keep in mind, however, that the approximate cost of a home addition can vary depending on the market you live in. Before beginning any remodeling project, it is wise to first meet with potential builders to determine the the average cost of home addition projects in your area.

Looking For Top Quality Outdoor Décor.

Since 1941, Whitehall Products has been crafting fine home accents. Products are hand crafted from rust-free recycled aluminum in Whitehalls manufacturing facilities located in Western Michigan. Renowned as the worlds largest manufacturer of weathervanes, Whitehall is also recognized for its extensive line of personalized home house address plaques, mailboxes, and garden accents such as hose holders, birdbaths, birdfeeders and sundials. Whitehalls home accent collection includes unique indoor/outdoor clocks and thermometers and personalized doormats.

Behind the legend of Whitehall artistry lies the tale of a unique craft inspired by the majestic shores and woodlands of western Michigan. It was a master wood carvers desire to reproduce and preserve his hand carved wood sculpture in metal, depicting the grace and essence of Americas natural beauty. Over 75 years later, Whitehall Products still offers you the same mastery in detail with each originally designed, carved and hand cast product.

A world-class design staff is the driving force behind Whitehalls product development expertise. Each custom product begins with an artists rendering, specially designed to achieve the aesthetic detail through the manufacturing and finishing processes. The rendering is then transformed into an original pattern, often through the work of hand carving and model making. The finished detailed pattern is the key to producing the high quality permanent plate which is used to manufacture thousands of replicas of the original design.

Whitehalls leadership in the Home & Garden accent market assures that you are receiving the most current product designs and color trends. We research the marketplace and track the latest design trends including the most popular themes within each product category.

From manufacturing to fulfillment, Whitehall is a full service supplier. Each product is protected with a heat sealed plastic film and then packaged. Orders can be fulfilled from full truck loads to individually boxed drop shipments. Whitehalls state-of-the-art computer systems continuously provide information about orders as they are being produced, and track the status of orders once they are shipped.

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An Overview Of Home Improvements - Plastering

When it comes to improving your home, there is always going to be a few different places that you can start. However, one of the easiest ways to upgrade old walls, change things around, and make everything look new is to do new plastering. This is because plastering and then finishing over a surface makes it look new, gives a better surface for paint, and can allow you to add new insulation or upgrade electrical, etc. It is one of the places where you can add in all sorts of other repairs, but where you can also keep costs down. Follow our advice about plastering and you will have done a great job.

The first step in the plastering process is to prepare the area that is being worked on. This usually means that you would knock down old walls, put up drywall, make sure all plumbing or electrical work was done, and generally make sure that the area is ready to be sealed off. This can usually be done by the company that is doing the plastering work, or you can do it if you are doing it by yourself. The area being worked out can be big or small, but most people prefer to work on a whole wall, just to make painting a bit easier.

The next step is to seal everything in place with a small amount of plaster. This means any holes, marks and so on, will be covered. This is where drywall starts to look less like random slabs and more like an entire wall. This step will often involve sanding down the first layer as well, making sure that everything is perfectly smooth.

Now the area is ready to actually apply the plaster. Depending on the finish desired, there may be more than one level. The first level of plaster will be smoothed onto the wall, levelling it out, making sure that the drywall and everything behind it can't be seen. After this, if a raised finish or something similar is desired, another layer of plaster may be added.

Sometimes a small hole will have the area around it patched, re-plastered, and then smoothed with the rest of the wall as well. This is a bit more complicated than doing an entire wall, but it does take less time and can be much cheaper for people who don't want to replace an entire area.

Once the plaster has been laid, it is time to let it cure and finish drying. Don't touch it during this time, don't get it wet. You could try and use fans or a dehumidifier if you live in a really wet area. Also try and keep all dust and debris off of the plaster.

Finally, the plaster is done and ready to be painted or papered. At this stage, the entire area can be primed for painting or sealing and then the room can be finished. The process may seem complicated, but it usually takes less than a day from start to finish, much less time than the actual painting process.

5 Benefits Provided By Pull Out Shelves

Although having cabinets make it a lot easier to keep your kitchen and house organized, it can be frustrating trying to search for items that are located in the very back of the shelves. That is mainly due to the fact that you have to work your way past all of the other items that are stored inside the cabinet. This makes things a bit harder. For this very reason, many individuals these days are opting for pull out shelves. They are practical and much easier to use. The following are 5 reasons why you should also choose pull out shelves for either your office or home.

1. Easy to organize: Not only are diy pull out shelves practical, it is also very easy to organize your items on them. That is due to the fact that it is easy to access the entire area of the shelves without having to pull anything out or have any struggles. That also means you won't need to kneel down in order to find things, since the drawer will give you full access. The user-friendly shelves also make life much easier for seniors and individuals who are physically challenged.

2. Easy to customize: If your bedroom or kitchen already has fixed cabinets in it, they can be customized to have pull out shelves. You won't have to renovate the cabinet since pull out shelves can be installed and fit into pre-existing spaces. Your carpenter won't need to change the existing dimensions of your cabinets. The cost to customize cabinets for pull out shelves is also quite inexpensive.

3. Easy to clean: It can be a very daunting task trying to keep cabinet shelves clean. That is mainly due to the fact that people have a hard time reaching and accessing some areas of their cabinets. One thing that is really nice about pull out shelves is that every area of the shelves can be accessed, which makes cleaning them much easier. Some individuals opt for pull out shelves that are removable, which makes cleaning even easier.

4. Convenient: Having access to the entire shelf area makes it much easier to keep your home neat and organized. For many people, this convenience allows them to keep their kitchens clean and organized at all times. Pullout shelves also provide easy access to plumbing located behind the cabinet. Whenever it is necessary to de-clog or service the plumbing system, the plumber just needs to pull out the shelves to gain easy access.

5. Increases the equity in your home: The value of your home is also increased when you install pull out shelves in your house. Many prospective homeowners like having a house that is efficient (particularly with shelving) compared to older styles. It is also recommended that you make sure that when your carpenter installs the shelves that full extension rails are used. The rails should be firm enough so that they are able to hold 100 pounds at least.

If you are searching for ways to improve the value of your home, or simply make it more practice, then you should definitely consider installing pull out shelves. They come in very handy in bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen. Find an experienced carpenter who can install these shelves for you.

What Is Aquaponics And How Does It Work?

In the past few years, you might have heard of people wanting to make their own DIY aquaponics. But do you actually know what aquaponics is?

Generally, aquaponics is a conventional system that combines the mechanism of raising aquatic animals like fish, prawns, or crayfish (aquaculture), with cultivating plants in water (hydroponics) in an environment that they can benefit from. Bacteria are broken down to release nutrients, and thus, both plants and animals could grow.

How It All Began

No one could really point out when aquaponics began, but studies show that hundreds of years ago, chinampas, or agricultural islands, were cultivated by the Aztecs as a means of growing plants and raising animals near them. These are mostly shallow lake beds found in the Valley of Mexico.

Incidentally, Aquaponics also became inherent in Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Thailand, and South China, where rice is grown in paddy fields, and where fish also grow in the waters theyre situated in. Since then, aquaponics systems have been installed in China to make way for large-scale poluycultural population. Some even exceeded up to 2.5 acres, but of course, if youre going to add one in your own house, you can make something way smaller than that.

How Does Aquaponics Work?

1. In a fish tank, water is mixed with waste, and then that fills up the growbed which acts as the main container of the system.

2. Soon, the tank will be emptied out and then nutrient-rich water would start flowing into a bed filled with gravel, and the plants there would naturally be fed. The plants themselves would then help keep the water clean by extracting nitrite in the water.

3. Water thats been cleaned and aerated would then be returned to the tank.

4. And finally, fish waste and water are both pumped from the tank back to the growbed. This process will be repeated as long as there are plants and fish around.

In Modern Times

These days, aquaponics make it easy for people to grow plants and raise fish in just one space, which is great for minimalist living. In Bangladesh, food storage life is enhanced because of Aquaponics, and in the Island of Barbados, the government made ways to teach people how to create their own diy aquaponics systems. This allows the people to grow their own food and it has been said that this has contributed a lot to the growth of their economy. And this is a strong proof that this marriage of aquaculture and hydroponics is truly beneficial.

Easy, Manageable Living

These days, its important to make sure that you take steps to help you live an easy and healthier life. DIY Aquaponics would help you do that and more. This is mainly because it allows you the freedom and flexibility to grow organic food with even the most limited space you have.

To find out more about DIY Aquaponics, please visit:

Merbau Flooring Timber And Its Many Advantages

There are a huge variety of wood or timber to choose from when planning for a home. It is very important to know and understand how each type of timber work and respond to the environment. Merbau timber, also known as Insia Bijuga, in particular is a hardwood that is commonly found in Asia. There are a lot of houses made of wood in islands found in the Pacific Ocean, specifically in Southeast Asia, and merbau is one of the most common materials used.

This is mainly because the tree that it comes from actually grows very well in these areas. The merbau wood is very abundant in wet areas like rainforests, swamps, flood plains and riverbanks. Since it usually grows in wet areas, it is quite oily when freshly cut. In fact, if left untreated, this wood can be very greasy to touch. Regardless of this fact, however, it is still one of the most reputable woods used in floors.

Following are just some of the advantages of using this type of timber in your home.

Excellent Flooring Material

Merbau timber can be used in home building with very minimal alteration. It can be designed to create patterns of various shapes, sizes and colors.

The color of a merbau wood is very easy to alter by putting varnish. It can look great with or without varnish because of its natural markings that add depth to floors.


Unlike other wood, merbau wood is actually oily in nature. Hence, its luster can last a longer period of time. There is very minimal maintenance involved to keeping it beautiful.

Easy to Work With

Merbau timber is very versatile. It can be easily cut or shaped into various designs. Thus, it is perfect in making intricate wood engineering projects.

Plenty of options in colors and finishes

The merbau doesn't come with only one hue or color. It comes in a wide range of natural colors that can also be enhanced by using varnish. Making use of various merbau woods with different hues can make a wonderfully unique floor design.

Weather Resistant

This hardwood is resistant to exposure to harsh weather. Aside from this, it is also resistant to insects and termites.

Beautiful Natural Pattern

Most merbau wood already comes with varied natural patterns that can add appeal to common wooden floors. It also comes with various textures that can be interlocked with each other to provide depth.

Easy Finishing

This type of wood is very easy to finish. Unlike other wood materials, the merbau wood can be painted, stained or just polished. It is relatively easy to maintain.

Easy to Clean

Since it is weather and insect resistant, merbau wood is very easy to clean. A good vacuuming or sweeping every now and then is more than enough to keep it looking beautiful.


Unlike other wood materials, Merbau is quite stable. Regardless of humidity, it always keeps maintain its shape. This is why it is a good choice for any home.

5 Diy Tips To Ensure Your Home Is Warm And Energy Efficient

Minimal utility bills and the comfort offered by a warm, energy-efficient home during the cold winter months does not seem too difficult. Here are five do-it-yourself pointers that will help you accomplish this.

1. Weather-strip your homes doors and windows to prevent the cold air from coming inside. The cold air can infiltrate your home because of leaky windows and doors. You dont want to end up with a cold room if you dont address this issue right away.

2. Adjust your ceiling fan and ensure that it rotates in a clockwise direction. It is a no-brainer that warm air goes up. During winter, you can secure that the warm air stays below and provide more heat inside your room by setting your ceiling fan to rotate slowly in a clockwise direction.

3. Put some area rugs on your tile or hardwood flooring. If your floor does not have adequate insulation, it is accountable for 10% of the heat loss you experience daily. One of the perfect remedies to this problem is putting area rugs in place since it acts as a good insulator and blocks the cold air from penetrating your room.

4. Program your units thermostat at a lower temperature when no one is around or when all of you are asleep. You have the guarantee of a gradual heat loss if the temperature inside your home is at a lower level. Youll also have more energy savings, and allow you to spend your money on more important things rather than on wasted energy. Set your homes thermostat to keep up with your daily itinerary. For instance, spare yourself from wasting both energy and money by warming up an unoccupied home.

5. Relocate your furniture. Never place your furniture before a big window or adjacent to exterior walls. The succeeding body heat loss directed to the glass will leave you feeling cold. Another bad concept is setting your sofa or couch before a radiator. It will end up absorbing the heat and limiting the available warmth that can still circulate inside your home.

These five tips are considered swift, easy remedies to urgent problems. But there is a big possibility that you are having major issues in your home if certain problems persist. A licensed Edmonton contractor can conduct energy audits to determine where the problem is coming from, and offer you several affordable options on how to address these issues. They can also give you advice on how to prevent them from happening again.

2 Simple Home Improvement Projects That Add Value To Your Home

When it comes to home renovation, the work you carry out in your home adds to the value of your home. It either increases the sale value or improves your ability to sell.

However, the work carried out on your home must be completed to a high standard, so when the job is finished, the end product should appear as though a professional had completed the work.

We show you how a budget of £10,000 can be used to create over £50,000 worth of home improvements. Provided the quality of the finished product is of a high standard, then you not only get to enjoy living in a modernised home, but add over £50,000 directly onto the value of your home.

Here we discuss just two ideas that you can use to save money and have the job finished to a professional standard for a fraction of the expected costs.

  1. How to Completely Modernise Your Kitchen and Save Over £10,000
  2. Modernising your kitchen is one of the most important things you can do to your home to give it a modern feel, improve the layout and create space for socialising.

    The kitchen is that hub of many homes and there is nothing quite like socialising with friends or preparing a large meal in a well lit and skillfully design kitchen.

    When it comes to design and layout, there are just a few things that you need to be aware of.

    The Work Triangle : That space between the cooker, sink and fridge - this makes your kitchen more practical to use

    Lighting : Great lighting will make a huge difference when cooking, socialising or raiding the fridge for that midnight snack

    Colour Scheme : This is what will really make the kitchen look modern and attractive

    Our advice on the kitchen though is not to opt for a new one, nor do it yourself. Employ a kitchen refurbishment company, like They can remodel your kitchen for just a few thousand pounds, saving you over ten thousand pounds compared to installing a brand new kitchen. And because everything made to measure - you can be sure the finished product is as good as a new one. With free installation added, the job will be professionally completed without the added cost.

    Best Kitchen Design Ideas 2015 - Watch The Video

  3. Add A Conservatory, Save Over £10,000

Moving directly from the kitchen into the outside garden space can transform the entire look and feel of your home. A conservatory, attached directly to your kitchen, normally at the rear of the home, is one room that can literally transform your life.

Not only do you have a great new place for relaxation and socialising, but you have an extra room for all year round use. It will become the most used room in your home, outside of the kitchen.

The uses that most people put the conservatory to are endless : playrooms for kids; office for the business; weve even seen it used as a bedroom; a kitchen; living room and many more.

Having a top quality conservatory built on your home will cost you anywhere from £16,000 upwards. But for as little as £4,000, you can have a top quality DIY conservatory built. And because the conservatory is such a mature product, you can be sure that when it is finished, it will look no different from one you could have installed at a cost of £16,000.

DIY Conservatories have come a long way, and the manufacturers have created them with high quality assemblies and upwards of 10 years guarantee. You can add a steel conservatory base which means that you dont need a professional builder to build your foundation.

If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, then these two projects may be the most profitable £7,000 you will ever spend.

Just two home improvement projects that can transform your home and wont break the bank, adding real value to your home and improving your living space.

How To Paint A Room

There will come a time when you get tired of your room, particularly how it looks. Perhaps, your room seems so downtrodden that a fresh coat of paint will do wonders. Once youve decided to repaint your room, here are the things you need to do:

Choose the Right Colour/s

The colour of the wall is entirely up to you. But one important facet is temperature. You can go warm or cool. Warm colours such as yellow, orange, red and any combination of these can brighten up your day. Cool colours like blue, green and violet is perfect if you rather have a relaxing and calming abode. If you share your room with your loved one and want it to feel more romantic, navy, deep violet, and olive are the colours of choice.

Another thing to think about when choosing a colour theme is to study your rooms architectural features. Does it have moldings or built-in bookshelves and cabinets? Are your doors and windows arched? How about your floor, what colour is it? Take it all in. A general rule is to paint the moldings a shade lighter or darker than the wall. The little change in the shade allows the molding or doorway to attract the eyes. If you feel like being a little daring, use a different hue. If you rather go the traditional route, simply paint the moldings, and window and door frames white or some other version of white.


The next step is preparing the room for painting. This entails clearing and cleaning everything. Its a tough and boring job but you have to do it. Everything you can move out of the room, move them. Those bolted and cannot be carried, just cover them. Start cleaning by dusting the whole room. Get rid of cobwebs and every kind of dirt and dust. Use TSP or water and detergent to clean grease. If the old paint is chipping, scrape them off first before sanding the whole wall. Once done washing with soapy water, let the room dry.


Use painters tape or masking tape if necessary. Place a drop cloth or dust sheet on the floor to catch the paint drips. If youre working with a naked wall, apply primer first. If youre repainting, check if the old paint is glossy. You may need to apply primer as well to help the new paint adhere to the old one. Apply as many coats as needed.

The fun starts after you place drop cloths on the floor.

Paint in one direction, normally up and down.

Use white primer when painting a light colour and a dark primer for dark paint.

Get the pro's in

If you're in any doubt about whether this decorating job is too much for you get the pro's in. A good place to find a Glasgow painter & decorator is by visiting that website. Good luck painting your room.

Best Exterior Paint - Including Value to Your House

Refurnishing the house with Painters Sydney, Residential can appear to be a complicated job particularly if you have never ever truly managed the nitty-gritty information prior to. If you have actually constantly counted on somebody to do the redecorating and renovation in your home, you may feel as if you are not up for the task today. Prior to you absolutely back out, you need to understand that there is a very first time for everything and if you wish to begin making modifications in your house then you should have the spirit to do it. Among things that can develop a significant modification in your home is the exterior home paint. Altering the paint of your home's exterior can bring an instantaneous facelift.

The primary step to alter your home's exterior appearance is to pick the very best exterior paint to make use of. The very best exterior paint can, obviously, be relative not simply to the brand of paint however to numerous other aspects. Here are some pointers to assist you pick the very best exterior paint for your house ...

1. Select your color design. Among the very first things you have to settle is to identify the color pattern. The color design does not need to be made up of a single primary color. If you wish to make sure a quite sight then you can constantly use diverse colors. The essential thing is to select a color pattern that is composed of colors that agree and do not have the tendency to review one another. Get in touch with paint schemes or request expert suggestions as your house's exterior paint's color patterns can either make or break your house renovating goals.

2. Consider your home's architectural structure. When picking the very best exterior paint for your house, it is likewise crucial to think about its architectural structure. If your house is among the classical architecture's items then picking colors that are too strong can make it appear from sync. Take a look at your house's history and think about the physical structure prior to you go purchasing tubs of paint.

3. Make certain the painting surface area is well prepared. Another thing that you need to make sure prior to you coat your house with your wanted paint is the painting surface area. The surface area that you will paint on will have to be prepped. Even the very best exterior paint can not work or look excellent if the painting emerged has actually not been prepared. To guarantee that your cash and efforts will deserve it, prepare the surface area prior to you use your very first coats of paint.

4. Balance with the area. It is likewise essential for your picked color design to balance with your area. Yes, you wish to make your freshly repainted the home of stand apart in charm however you would not desire it to watch out of location and odd in your area. The very best exterior paint can undoubtedly be among your staminas if you utilize it making your house much better and not an eyesore in the community.

5. Think about resilience. The very best exterior paint likewise requires sturdiness. It does not simply need to look good and in the very best brand however it must likewise equate into resilience. Paint needs to look excellent for a minimum of about 4 years as you would not desire yourself to handle another painting task next year.

What Are The Benefits Of Remodeling Your Kitchen?

There comes a time when you have to remodel your kitchen because it has become old and tired. You may have to change its layout, lighting, cabinets, floor, theme, and color, among other things. And, of course, it comes with a price. But, the money you will have to spend on remodeling your kitchen is going to be worth it because of its benefits.

Increased Home Value

One benefit of remodeling your kitchen is that it can increase the value of your home. It was reported by the Remodeling Magazine that national data showed that homeowner can recoup anywhere from 68% to 75% of their costs for the remodeling. Moreover, when you sell your home, the quality of your kitchen can make or break its sale. And, you get this added value to your home and get to enjoy the upgrades at the same time. Indeed, remodeling your kitchen can be the greatest home investment you will have ever made. A key part of that remodelling is replacement kitchen doors

Increased Safety

Kitchen cabinet doors with loose hinges and outdated appliances can be dangerous and cause physical injury. This is especially important if you have children. By making changes to your kitchen, the safety aspects can be improved.

Maximized Space

Maximizing kitchen space may be one of the challenges you have as a homeowner, especially if you have a rather small kitchen space. How you make the most of the space you have has something to do with the kitchen layout, use of cabinets, and making use of empty walls and corners in the room, among other things. Remodeling your kitchen can help you make the most of the space you have. It is also a opportunity for you to store away or discard kitchen items that you do not use every day. Perhaps it is high time that you store away the waffle maker, sandwich maker, or blender that sits on your counter top as you may not need to use it every day.

Increased Satisfaction

The satisfaction you and your family members get from having a fresh and better kitchen may well be the most important benefit of remodeling your kitchen. You do not have to deal with cabinet doors with loose hinges and outdated appliances that can be dangerous, and this can translate to more comfort for you, your family and your friends. Stepping into a kitchen that is new, clean, better organized, and with a theme that suits your lifestyle can be very rewarding.