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What Is Aquaponics And How Does It Work?

In the past few years, you might have heard of people wanting to make their own DIY aquaponics. But do you actually know what aquaponics is?

Generally, aquaponics is a conventional system that combines the mechanism of raising aquatic animals like fish, prawns, or crayfish (aquaculture), with cultivating plants in water (hydroponics) in an environment that they can benefit from. Bacteria are broken down to release nutrients, and thus, both plants and animals could grow.

How It All Began

No one could really point out when aquaponics began, but studies show that hundreds of years ago, chinampas, or agricultural islands, were cultivated by the Aztecs as a means of growing plants and raising animals near them. These are mostly shallow lake beds found in the Valley of Mexico.

Incidentally, Aquaponics also became inherent in Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Thailand, and South China, where rice is grown in paddy fields, and where fish also grow in the waters theyre situated in. Since then, aquaponics systems have been installed in China to make way for large-scale poluycultural population. Some even exceeded up to 2.5 acres, but of course, if youre going to add one in your own house, you can make something way smaller than that.

How Does Aquaponics Work?

1. In a fish tank, water is mixed with waste, and then that fills up the growbed which acts as the main container of the system.

2. Soon, the tank will be emptied out and then nutrient-rich water would start flowing into a bed filled with gravel, and the plants there would naturally be fed. The plants themselves would then help keep the water clean by extracting nitrite in the water.

3. Water thats been cleaned and aerated would then be returned to the tank.

4. And finally, fish waste and water are both pumped from the tank back to the growbed. This process will be repeated as long as there are plants and fish around.

In Modern Times

These days, aquaponics make it easy for people to grow plants and raise fish in just one space, which is great for minimalist living. In Bangladesh, food storage life is enhanced because of Aquaponics, and in the Island of Barbados, the government made ways to teach people how to create their own diy aquaponics systems. This allows the people to grow their own food and it has been said that this has contributed a lot to the growth of their economy. And this is a strong proof that this marriage of aquaculture and hydroponics is truly beneficial.

Easy, Manageable Living

These days, its important to make sure that you take steps to help you live an easy and healthier life. DIY Aquaponics would help you do that and more. This is mainly because it allows you the freedom and flexibility to grow organic food with even the most limited space you have.

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